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Tamar Datan

Welcome! I am delighted to offer consulting services to strengthen organizations so they become more effective at fulfilling their missions. I work primarily with boards and executive leaders to sharpen strategic plans and clarify directions for growth and greater effectiveness – all changes geared to increase my clients’ impact.

» I offer training, executive level coaching, and a wide range of services geared to advance my clients’ goals. I customize services based on needs and offer competitive rates, particularly for longer term contracts.

»» I begin by gaining a thorough understanding of my client’s aspirations. I develop my proposals by translating those desires into specific and (ideally) measureable objectives. I strive for clarity and specificity, and focus on concrete outcomes.

»»» From my base in the heart of beautiful Loudoun County, Virginia, I have worked with a number of local nonprofits as well as regional, national and international organizations. I have a special focus on start-ups and organizations on the brink of breakthrough change.






16007 Firefly Hill Lane
Leesburg, VA 20176
phone 540-454-1565
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